Retrieve your negative online presence with Repusurance

A good reputation is built slowly and takes a lifetime to achieve a particular goal regarding online presence but can be lost is a single instant when a negative story is posted online regarding you or your brand name. Fortunately, Repusurance helps to repair your negative image and built a strongly positive one. They have a track record in doing what seems impossible- retrieving your online reputation.

Retrieve your negative online presence

Anyone can post nearly anything they would like in hatred or out of jealousy. The web portal has become a platform for jilted lovers, jealous coworkers, and anyone seeking retribution. Posts typically include a compromising photo, a damaging text, or other harmful or derogatory information. You can’t stop them by posting false material about you or your company but you can repair your damaged reputation with Repusurance.
It is nearly impossible for the average internet user to get a post removed from any website where your negative post or image has been posted, and moreover due to the law of websites. But you can push down all the negative links and enhance only positive one and Repusurance works on this to maintain your online presence and to repair your damaged reputation.


Why only Repusurance:
Repusurance has been serving a select group of clients with reputation management services for more than 5 years. Most companies that offer reputation services are not actually reputation managers: they are like a search engine that optimizes firms attempt to capitalize on what they see as a lucrative reputation management hub. Repusurance works differently as they know the same approach doesn’t work for everyone. So they have different plans according to each and every client’s requirement.


Repusurance Services
• Online reputation repair
• Extreme reputation overhaul
• Online reputation management
• Reputation insurance
• Cyber defamation
• Reviews management
Repusurance builds a strong relationship online and Make you stay in touch with people. Put the actual facts about you and your company online. It Works on each and every feedback and Always stays ethical while managing reputation. These above-mentioned services blended with trust and hard work makes Repusurance the best ORM team worldwide.

Ripoff Report | | Use the Right Online Reputation Strategy to Handle Negative Publicity

Repusurance | In the marketing world, any publicity is good publicity, but does this hold true for the online marketing world? A negative word about your product or service can cost you thousands of dollars in sales. Small businesses are especially hurt by negative reviews; sometimes the damage is so deep and irreversible that businesses are forced to shut down. To stop bad publicity, it’s important that you nip it in the bud through some smart SEO service. If you are one of those suffering from bad press, here are a few things that you ought to know about Online Reputation Management, or Search Engine Reputation Management.

Right Online Reputation Strategy

What is it?

Repusurance | Negative reviews, comments, articles, write-ups, or any content that talks bad about your product or service. Popular sites where negative reviews are posted include,, and of course the Better Business Bureau. And sometimes, scammers/bad reviewers go to the extent of creating pseudo sites with names that talk bad about you. For instance, if your site is called, a site by name, or would be created. With Google striving to ensure that the online user is treated right, such sites naturally rise high on search engine rankings. Potential customers are sure to be curious to know about user experience, thereby ensuring that this negative word is fueled. Anyone can post a bad word about you; from a dismissed employee, to a customer who was refused a discount, a competitor, or even your ex-partner.

How do you tackle negative publicity?

Repusurance | Bad naming sites can be pulled down by adding content through SEO service that speaks well about you. You can begin by creating public profiles in sites such Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, Twitter etc. If the damage isn’t deep, you can push down negative sites, merely by creating profiles in these sites. And if the bad name reviewer has established himself well, you may make as many friends as possible on these sites and get them to play an active role. The more internal links that come back to your profile, the stronger you get. This can be sustained with some unique content creation, wherein you can write articles, press releases, reviews, write-ups, etc.

Can you do it on your own?

Repusurance | Yes, provided you are well versed with the SEO world, and have the time to spare to do the things that I earlier mentioned. But a better idea would be to hire SEO services from an SEO company that specializes in online reputation management. Google dynamics keep on changing frequently, and it is important that you are aware of them while pushing those bad guys down.

How an SEO Project Helps Online Reputations

Greater Emphasis on Defending Online Reputation (ORM)

Repusurance | Companies are aware in today’s online environment that it’s so easy to destroy a good online reputation. The main reason is the growth of social networks in all international markets makes the products of multi-national manufacturers a prime target to discredit. Negatives comments generated in English language out of Australia, for example, can spread and find their way into the local arena thereby damaging the reputations of local businesses. This is especially true with Google’s objective to return to visitors the best search results from their query. Bad reviews always seem to appear higher above normal results even though the page ranks of the reviews are PR 1 or PR zero and are well below your particular website PR.

Creating a Security Blanket

Repusurance | Prior to 2009, most chief executive officers, managing directors, chief information and Information Technology managers were aware of the implications of bad reviews but seldom took action to defend against them as those poor reviews or actions were not hurting profits so badly. Today in the New World, concerns are different: social media networks grow, tweets hit global users and defending ORM is now being addressed.

Repusurance | Most companies concerns were focused upon creating a security blanket to prevent negative comments appearing amongst their normal search engine results. most revealed that attack was s the best form of defence and being proactive is more effective than reactive measures.

Search Engine Optimisation Defends Companies Online Reputations

Repusurance | The techniques of defending your ORM adopted by most agencies are engrained in search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics. The objectives of an SEO project are to achieve higher search engine ranking for websites that target audiences by being more relevant and competent than their competitors. Defending online reputations have opposite goals as they are designed to push down negatives comments from the search engine results. The steps of SEO in the search algorithms hugely benefit your online reputation due to the fact that it creates a security blanket.

SEO benefits For ORM

Repusurance | Using appropriate processes, Search Engine Optimisation efforts begin to achieve higher ranking they have the tendency to pushdown other entries using the same query search terms.

The framework of SEO involves

  • Keyword Research and Content Creation
  • Website Architecture and Optimisation of On-Page Elements
  • Usability and Design
  • Link development

An element of protecting your online reputation is achieved by initiating a SEO project, namely:

  • Selecting keywords
  • Research competitors keywords
  • Combining keywords
  • Creation of content using keywords
  • Optimizing your on page element
  • Engaging in social networks
  • Creating a link building platform

The process of an online reputation project is summarised here as:

  • Optimising websites
  • Engaging in social networks
  • Promotional Activities

To fully exploit the benefits of a SEO project website owners need to supplement their efforts with more rigorous promotional activity and engagement with the social media community. In summary you should follow these parameters:

The conclusion is simple: engage an innovative search marketing agency to optimise you website and by consequence create a defensive strategy against negative comments.