Repusurance – Digital Marketing trends for 2017

The globally marketing their company on the internet design has revolutionized the way of on the internet marketing for the method or large size enterprises. There is a significant improvement seen in the use of digital press in 2017 by the most popular people and corporations as well. Folks will take more attention in Digital Marketing, on the internet products buying and much more. Thus, it will boost-up the eye of people in the digital globe and adopt the cashless design for all on the internet marketing needs of them.

In 2016, most of Nokia’s have recognized the effectiveness and ease of on the internet marketing that is useful in expanding the company across the globe. Also, they noticed the impact of on the internet marketing design making more readily found prospective clients around the globe along with more leads. By keeping all such facts in mind, there is an excellent development seen marketing design in 2017.

Digital Marketing

Here are top 10 predicted benefits of on the internet marketing styles in 2017 such as:

Promising enhancement in film ads

Video marketing is getting huge popularity these days. Most of they and method size companies have been marketing their alternatives and products through film ads that are adding more value to the on the internet marketing strategies of spending budget. In 2017, the dimensions of film ads will enhance for sure!

Popularity of mobile phones over desktops

The year 2016 was the era of personal computer systems used for manipulating any computing or on the internet works. In 2017, you will discover the complete dominance of Smartphones with internet facility over the personal computer systems used for generating website traffic and money dealings as well.Use of dedicated mobile phone programs will increase.

Use of dedicated mobile phone programs will increase

Most of the people like to use the internet in their mobile phones. However, they have launched mobile phone programs of their websites to download. It will enhance attention of clients in using programs of their favourite producers in mobile phones for product buying, payments, billing, account optimization, and much more.


Improve community social media channels

There is an excellent development seen for marketing factors over community social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Most of Nokia’s are using community programs for marketing client’s companies websites, products, and alternatives. Also, the most popular people and companies take advantage of websites to do branding of their achievements and daily updates to make globe aware of new discoveries in different domains.

2017, Era of intelligent devices

2017 is predicted to be the year of intelligent gadgets, which will be loaded with the most advanced technology features and automated functions that help marketers and customary clients to fulfil their all-digital requirements through one device.

Advertising factors over the web can be expensive

There can be a significant enhance seen in the cost of on the internet marketing alternatives in 2017. However, it will hike the heat of competition marketing among them and on the internet marketing service providers around the globe.

Importance of high-quality material will increase

Promoting factors on the internet, there is an outstanding material required. In 2017, you will get an excellent demand for prime the best excellent quality material to promote websites, products, alternatives, etc., on the internet design meaningful on the internet marketing strategies for the company.

digital marketing

Value of modification amount or ROI

In 2017, the on the internet marketing companies will be ranked according to their modification amount or ROI results in 2017. Thus, it will help clients to invest in top-rated on the internet marketing companies which have good track record in modification amount.

Growth coughing will increase

With continuous use of community social media programs, viral marketing strategies, and other organic ads, it may lead the dimensions of development coughing marketing.

Quality alternatives will be the key to success

The on the internet marketing styles in 2017 will be the best excellent quality focused. Most of they will give preference to the standard work in all areas of on the internet marketing domain.

Repusurance | How To Remove Ripoff Reports From Google?

Ripoff Report, it’s a consumer grievance website in which anyone can post a ripoff report regarding any company or individual. The only guarantee of credibility needed by the website is a valid email address and verification which is by a mouse-click.

As soon as published, the Ripoff Report is there permanently — and pages on the Ripoff Report have an unusual capability to rank very high with search engines, particularly Google. Even if the parties solve their differences, Ripoff Report won’t allow you eliminate the original complaint.

 ripoff reports removal completely

There is a significantly less-known alternative that have been found works amazingly (this is in all why Ripoff Report makes no mention on their website). You may possibly not be able to get the frightening listing removed from Ripoff Report, but you can get it eliminated from Google, that is nearly just as good.

Firstly, file a legal action against the publisher of the report for defamation, organization disparagement or any other claim that is legally acceptable. The major point here is that you have to demonstrate your case in a court of law — you have the pressure to prove the report made about you is incorrect.

Be genuine with oneself here or you’re just spending time and money. If the report about you is genuine or if you can’t verify your case, you do not have appropriate claim for internet defamation, then this alternative will not perform anything for you. Yet again, the important here is being able to prove your case in a court of law. If you can’t do that, this thing is over.

It’s important that you must only go for the publisher of the report and you must not have Google to be sued. Your complaint will cost a lot of money and Google has a lot of good lawyers and you will only assist to rage the one organization that can support you the most.

In second step, acquire a court order announcing the offending report to be false and defamatory when you win the case. The particular content of this order can take numerous forms, but you make certain to get an order that relates to the offending report especially.

Third step is to provide the court order to Google.

Google will respect the court order and absolutely remove the frustrating webpage from its search. Although the hurtful report will keep on appearing in the Ripoff Report website, Google search results will be removed entirely, and that Google will show at the bottom of the search results page where the Ripoff Report s earlier appeared, the post is removed by court orders.

Repusurance | 99% of the people believe what they see on page 1 when searching you online

Is there any negative information or any useless social profile occupying your first page of Google search results? If it is so, you must be suffering from a bad online reputation. It is observed that 99% of the people believe what they see on first page when searching for you online.
Consumers, while searching for any brand or business prefer to search on Google to get more information. Show them the best part of you. Nowadays, social media and internet marketing are the most used strategies by businesses to target the potential customers. In recent surveys it is found that 80% of businesses are making use of Press releases for online marketing and agreed that it helped in strengthening their online reputation.
You need not to fill up your first page of Google with some irrelevant stuff, let press release make a way to your success. Implementing the strategy for press release is necessary to make it work efficiently.

Let’s discuss that how press release works to manage your online reputation:

Press release works as the best tool for damage control:
As a business or an individual you might be having many rivals who can harm you online. Damaging the businesses by tarnishing your online reputation is the cheapest tricks followed by many competitors. Apart from this, these days’ consumers have been given such a freedom and facility that they can make or break any business. Many review websites and consumer complaint sites provide platform where they can share their experiences, but some irritated consumer, competitor or unsatisfied employee are misusing these platforms to damage the businesses.
In this case a press release can be a best tool to control the damage. Press release can compete with the notable blog websites like Huffington Post. It is because it carries credibility that helps your brand to rank on 1st page of Google and explain things from your perspective. An official press release is way far effective than the post published on social platforms like Facebook.

Rank on search engines:
From the perspective of SEO, press release is the best idea as it does rank over any name or most used keywords. Thereby, press release is useful to publish. Whether there is any outdated negative information about your business that is damaging your reputation or any negative article posted by your competitor. Press release has the capability to rank you on the first page moving down the negative ones.

As per the marketing experts, press release is not going to hurt your brand rather it will help you, how worst the situation is. A well written and newsworthy press release can tremendously help you in managing your online reputation. These are just a few benefits of press releases. To learn more or get detailed information to manage the online reputation of your company and access more advantageous strategies to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL, contact Repusurance.
Repusurance is a next generation online reputation management firm providing services worldwide. To get detailed information visit us at

Repusurance | How online reputation and customer reviews are essential to foster your business

Do you still believe in traditional marketing to enhance your business? Although, utilizing these marketing ideas still work for some businesses but not at a higher rate. In some businesses you might have noticed that negative news travels faster than the positive. Thanks to hi-tech digital facility, it spreads like a wildfire. What is the use of running a business with bad online reputation and worst customer reviews.

customer reviews
Online Reputation and Customer Reviews

In a survey, we found many entrepreneurs who were spending a lot on the marketing of their business but unaware of online presence or reputation. Sad to know but this is the reality. Running a business without a strategy is like walking towards north to enjoy a sunrise.

To be in the market one must be ready with the next move and need to be well aware of latest tools and technology. If you are hitting local market then also you are required to let people know about your business. Sitting & waiting for a miracle is not going to help you to get name and fame in the market. Online reputation and customer reviews are the basic and most important tools of today’s business strategy. Imply them to get a striking shift in your business.

Positive reviews speaks louder than any other marketing strategy:

If you are making a plan to boost your business giving it new heights, don’t forget to add your customer’s reviews. Customer reviews plays a vital role since every other individual is choosing services and products by checking out its rating and reviews online. There was a time when people used to make their choices while going through the recommendation of their family members or friends but now we believe what internet is saying.

A single negative review is equal to twelve positive reviews that shows only a single negative review is enough to destroy your business. It can cost you 70% of new customers. Businesses and customers have a relationship of trust, earlier which was limited to a certain place and now moved online covering a huge customer network. To maintain this trust online you must come up with an effective online reputation management strategy for review sites like yelp, glassdoor and many more. Your customers are the base of your business, so making them feel important and getting their feedbacks help you to be at the top of the market.

Get a strong branded voice through online reputation management across the world wide web:

You should accept that you cannot control over the conversation going on about you among your customers. Different forums are providing platforms to customers to discuss and share their experiences and business cannot regulate it.

You cannot stop your customers to share their experience online nor can you stop these websites or social platforms to provide power to the customers. This is why most of the businesses are running after managing their online image. So, be a strong voice of the conversation.

According to a study if you solve issues of your customers, you are getting close to them and gain their trust back successfully. In such case 90% of your unhappy customers come back to do business with you. This is why online reputation management and customer reviews are considered as the most important tools to be in the market. The days of the year are over and demand more concentration over web and online presence.  

Repusurance | Who to Monitor Your Online Reputation?

Online Reputation Tools requires time, efforts and an intricate approach to build a strong company status, but anything you’ve worked to build can be undone in just a few hours. Negativity distributes like wildfire, particularly in an atmosphere that’s available 24/7. Any online material, positive or negative, effects how people view your business. With so much at share, it’s important to monitor your company’s online status daily: Watch important industry websites, track key employee mentions and search for real-time social mentions and feeling.

Online Reputation Tools
Online Reputation Tools

View Business Websites
If This Then That (IFTTT) performs easy online tasks by utilizing one of the most basic concepts: If this occurs, then does that. IFTTT lets you set up guidelines (called recipes) for Online Reputation Tools everything from getting the most recent climate updates as a text message to instantly delivering Instagram images to Twitter (or any other Sites). It has both fun and professional applications. You produce a recipe by choosing a trigger channel (the “if this happens” part) and an action channel (the “then do that” part).To observe what people are saying about your company, set up a recipe that tests RSS nourishes of significant industry websites, then sends you a daily email alert with the results—IF [website] mentions your business, THEN obtain an email alert.

Observe Employee Mentions
Google’s Me on the Internet software informs you when personal data seems on the web. It’s useful if you want to observe says about specific company employees or senior staff. Me on the Web is simple to use, but you do need an present Google account. To Online Reputation Tools an alert, click Remain current with web alerts, from your appear for term(s) in the text box and click Involve.

Filter Immediate Social Searches
If you want to immediately search blogs, Twitter and Facebook for certain words, IceRocket is the device you need. IceRocket doesn’t involve an profile and is easy to use. Just type your term(s) in search box and select the route you want to search: blogs, Twitter, Facebook or search all. What I like about IceRocket is its large variety of filter options that customize search results. For example, you can search blog posts minimal to certain authors or filter Twitter queries by hash tags, text or links.

Discover Influencer Views
Topsy is a effective Twitter search tool (more impressive than Twitter’s native search). Use Topsy to obtain key influencers relevant to your market and company, as well as sentiment scores over a period of time. It’s important to monitor influencers to see what they’re saying about you especially or your industry in general. Type a subject (or your keywords) in search box and press the Influencers tab in the left menu. Monitor the feeling score for your company or niche by picking a date range in the left sidebar. The first box shows the overall sentiment related to your topic or keyword(s) for that date range.

Search for Sentiment
Social Discuss results based on the sentiment of social media buzz all over your company. You can observe multiple websites in one location and even find out which keywords and phrases persons use when talking about your company to Online Reputation Tools. To set up Cultural Mention monitoring, type your term(s) in the text box and choose a channel (e.g., blogs, micro blogs, bookmarks, images, video clips or questions). You can sort outcomes by date, supply and time. Social Discuss has a number of real-time search tools and a helpful sidebar. The data include notion, top keywords, top users, top hash tags, last talk about and more.

Wrapping Up
Tracking your company’s online status is a daily task. You want to be confident to address any concerns instantly. Online Reputation Tools I reviewed in this post will improve your efforts. If you occur to find unfavorable comments about your firm, products or employees, it’s essential to respond quickly. Never ignore negative messages or opinions and generally respond in a specialized manner. The original comment won’t go away, but neither will your smart, good reply.

Repusurance | Google Image clean up

Why you must sign out of your account?

It’s all about your presence over the search engine. For knowing your true image for your name, you will have to log out of your Google account. This is for the reason that when you log in your account and start your work over web then Google remembers your search preferences and next time you start after log in, you get favorable results according to your previous searches results. So after sign out, you type your name over search bar and the results displayed is your Google image.

Google Image clean up
Google Image clean up

What happens to search results after you log out?

Now here you may find other person’s images or links and you are not in the search results. This is a big problem for someone who wants to rise in career and personal life. Because it is possible that there may be images of yours which you never desired to be on the web and have been placed accidently by some friends. Such problems ruin our career and person lives. Need not to worry we are the solution and your problem will be solved amicably. Repusurance will give you strong online presence by maintaining your digital assets over web and your images showing you in your positive frame. Your online reputation will be improved leading to happiness in career and personal life.

Image clean up and its impact on online reputation

On typing your name if someone else’s image or your objectionable image appears then just come to the site and ask the expert about your concern. He will analyze your problem and suggest you which plan or specialized service is beneficial to you.  You must not ignore your online reputation as it plays a significant role in your daily life. A company hiring you finds perfect if your online presence is ok and what happens if they find some objectionable pictures of yours over web.

What if it’s a mugshot?

Worst is the case of other person’s mugshots and even if you are innocent, the hiring company thinks you are criminal and decides to decline their offer by rejecting you. By Google image clean up, you will find every opportunity just clicking its way to be yours and you will start feeling lucky about yourself.


Ripoff Report Removal Strategies: How to Deal with Incorrect and Harmful Ripoff Evaluation Posts

Ripoff reports are online complaints recorded on highly popular web page called Ripoff report. A Ripoff report issued about a company can harm its sales and customer believes. The problems published on this site position very well on Google and sometime outperform entrepreneurs own web page when someone find their company name. Therefore, the only fix for your problem is available with the assistance of properly qualified professionals, who continually perform the process of ripoff review elimination like Repusurance.


However, the growing competitors in the market are probably the most significant reason for the existence of ripoff reviews. Many opponents, who cannot keep the pressure of a sensible and honest process, opt for the easy solutions of developing ripoff reviews. They create initiatives to defame the web page through such reviews that it lastly results in the trap of the web page position on the web. And unfortunately, this entire process is capable enough to mess up the popularity of the website, organization and the company. Therefore, the solution of ripoff report removal is very essential to overcome this problem. These days, many reasonable programs are available in the market to deal with this issue of ripoff evaluations. And by taking help of professional professionals it will definitely take you out from this stress. They create initiatives to keep a continuous check over the website and its material, so that all the theripoff reviews should be eliminated immediately.

Tips to remove Ripoff Reports With SEO

  • Below are some tips on how to hide a rip off review weblink on Search engines.
  • Create micro-sites like – Add material about you or your organization to these new sites.
  • Create complete social information on sites like, Facebook or Myspace,, Tweets, and others.
  • Get blog writers to weblog about you or your business and weblink from your website articles to your new sites and information.
  • Add your organization to market internet directories and come into action on market boards.
  • Get people and other sites to connect to your sites (link building).
  • Do not junk google with the same material over and over. Use original material on each new site you make.
  • Create a YouTube account and add video clips every week. These video clips may position well for your organization name.
  • Create a new news launch every week and publish it to news launch sites like and others.
  • Add your weblog to weblog internet directories and use your organization name or name in the information areas of all webpages.
  • Do not threaten any blog writer or webmaster. They have control not you.

It takes a lot to protect the top position on the popular search engines such as Google, Google and MSN. Hence, it is important for the entrepreneur to get associated with professionals who carry out the work of ripoff report removal in the most appropriate way. Small enterprise companies can form such alliances on contract foundation, whereas big company homes must ensure such alternatives on a long lasting foundation as ripoff review risks are more regular with them.

We have already said that ripoff reports can only be removed by extreme professionals. So do give a try to Repusurance. We can help you maintain your online reputation so as your business revenues.