Repusurance | 99% of the people believe what they see on page 1 when searching you online

Is there any negative information or any useless social profile occupying your first page of Google search results? If it is so, you must be suffering from a bad online reputation. It is observed that 99% of the people believe what they see on first page when searching for you online.
Consumers, while searching for any brand or business prefer to search on Google to get more information. Show them the best part of you. Nowadays, social media and internet marketing are the most used strategies by businesses to target the potential customers. In recent surveys it is found that 80% of businesses are making use of Press releases for online marketing and agreed that it helped in strengthening their online reputation.
You need not to fill up your first page of Google with some irrelevant stuff, let press release make a way to your success. Implementing the strategy for press release is necessary to make it work efficiently.

Let’s discuss that how press release works to manage your online reputation:

Press release works as the best tool for damage control:
As a business or an individual you might be having many rivals who can harm you online. Damaging the businesses by tarnishing your online reputation is the cheapest tricks followed by many competitors. Apart from this, these days’ consumers have been given such a freedom and facility that they can make or break any business. Many review websites and consumer complaint sites provide platform where they can share their experiences, but some irritated consumer, competitor or unsatisfied employee are misusing these platforms to damage the businesses.
In this case a press release can be a best tool to control the damage. Press release can compete with the notable blog websites like Huffington Post. It is because it carries credibility that helps your brand to rank on 1st page of Google and explain things from your perspective. An official press release is way far effective than the post published on social platforms like Facebook.

Rank on search engines:
From the perspective of SEO, press release is the best idea as it does rank over any name or most used keywords. Thereby, press release is useful to publish. Whether there is any outdated negative information about your business that is damaging your reputation or any negative article posted by your competitor. Press release has the capability to rank you on the first page moving down the negative ones.

As per the marketing experts, press release is not going to hurt your brand rather it will help you, how worst the situation is. A well written and newsworthy press release can tremendously help you in managing your online reputation. These are just a few benefits of press releases. To learn more or get detailed information to manage the online reputation of your company and access more advantageous strategies to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL, contact Repusurance.
Repusurance is a next generation online reputation management firm providing services worldwide. To get detailed information visit us at


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