Repusurance | How online reputation and customer reviews are essential to foster your business

Do you still believe in traditional marketing to enhance your business? Although, utilizing these marketing ideas still work for some businesses but not at a higher rate. In some businesses you might have noticed that negative news travels faster than the positive. Thanks to hi-tech digital facility, it spreads like a wildfire. What is the use of running a business with bad online reputation and worst customer reviews.

customer reviews
Online Reputation and Customer Reviews

In a survey, we found many entrepreneurs who were spending a lot on the marketing of their business but unaware of online presence or reputation. Sad to know but this is the reality. Running a business without a strategy is like walking towards north to enjoy a sunrise.

To be in the market one must be ready with the next move and need to be well aware of latest tools and technology. If you are hitting local market then also you are required to let people know about your business. Sitting & waiting for a miracle is not going to help you to get name and fame in the market. Online reputation and customer reviews are the basic and most important tools of today’s business strategy. Imply them to get a striking shift in your business.

Positive reviews speaks louder than any other marketing strategy:

If you are making a plan to boost your business giving it new heights, don’t forget to add your customer’s reviews. Customer reviews plays a vital role since every other individual is choosing services and products by checking out its rating and reviews online. There was a time when people used to make their choices while going through the recommendation of their family members or friends but now we believe what internet is saying.

A single negative review is equal to twelve positive reviews that shows only a single negative review is enough to destroy your business. It can cost you 70% of new customers. Businesses and customers have a relationship of trust, earlier which was limited to a certain place and now moved online covering a huge customer network. To maintain this trust online you must come up with an effective online reputation management strategy for review sites like yelp, glassdoor and many more. Your customers are the base of your business, so making them feel important and getting their feedbacks help you to be at the top of the market.

Get a strong branded voice through online reputation management across the world wide web:

You should accept that you cannot control over the conversation going on about you among your customers. Different forums are providing platforms to customers to discuss and share their experiences and business cannot regulate it.

You cannot stop your customers to share their experience online nor can you stop these websites or social platforms to provide power to the customers. This is why most of the businesses are running after managing their online image. So, be a strong voice of the conversation.

According to a study if you solve issues of your customers, you are getting close to them and gain their trust back successfully. In such case 90% of your unhappy customers come back to do business with you. This is why online reputation management and customer reviews are considered as the most important tools to be in the market. The days of the year are over and demand more concentration over web and online presence.  


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